Who We Are

Two Fishes Press was founded in 2005 to articulate a new perspective on the nature of Christ. The writers live in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada.


Shortly after we decided to call ourselves Two Fishes Press, and as the paint was still drying on our logo (above), an ancient Christian mosaic of the two fishes was discovered at Megiddo, Israel (at right). We choose to see this discovery as a hopeful confirmation of our efforts to articulate a new attitude to Christ.

For us, the image of the two fishes represents a tension of two aspects of Christ, the known and the unknown, held together in a dynamic unity. We see this tension as an accurate image of Christ, and of the dynamism of living in Christ, who is both known and also the stranger who is not yet known.

People generally regard the nature of Christ as known and complete. However, we at Two Fishes Press see Christ's nature as surprising, vital and changing. When we struggle to understand and have a relationship with this dynamic Christ, we change the nature of Christianity.



Two Fishes Press has published five books: Christ In The Shadow: The Light That Shines In The Darkness (2007), The Wind Blows Where It Wishes: Imagination As The Language Of Christ (2009), The Evolving Christ: Meditations of Christians Outside the Church (2012), and The Bee Sting: A Book About Christ (2013), Through A Glass Darkly: Reflections On A Troubled Faith (2016).

Two Fishes Press is located in Consecon, Ontario, Canada.

Fish Mosaic at Megiddo Prison, Israel, 3rd Century C.E.
(The Toronto Star, Nov. 7, 2005)
Photograph by David Silverman/Getty Images.

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