Who We Are


Two Fishes Press was founded in 2005 to articulate a new understanding of the nature of Christ.

Shortly after we decided to call ourselves Two Fishes Press, and as the paint was still drying on our logo (above), a third century Christian mosaic of the two fishes was discovered at Megiddo, Israel (at right). We chose to see this discovery as a hopeful confirmation of our efforts to articulate a new attitude to Christ.

For us, the image of the two fishes represents a tension of two aspects of Christ; the known and the unknown, held together in a dynamic unity.

At Two Fishes Press, we see Christ's nature as surprising, vital and changing. Through our writing and that of our contributors, we work to understand and have a relationship with this dynamic Christ.


Two Fishes Press has published six books: Christ In The Shadow: The Light That Shines In The Darkness (2007), The Wind Blows Where It Wishes: Imagination As The Language Of Christ (2009), The Evolving Christ: Meditations of Christians Outside the Church (2012), and The Bee Sting: A Book About Christ (2013), Through A Glass Darkly: Reflections On A Troubled Faith (2016), and Less Perfect, More Human: Re-imagining The Body Of Christ (2018).


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